Drinking Chocolate

The Canadian in us ensures the hot chocolate portion of our brains is fully intact. Growing up in small Northern towns meant spending the entire day building massive snow forts in sub zero weather. Why is it that kids don’t mind freezing their arses off? Maybe because we knew there was hot chocolate waiting for us. The slow process of heating up from the inside out conjures up fond memories.

Humankind has been drinking chocolate since the Olmec civilization and there have been many fascinating variations since. We present to you a beautiful collection of hot chocolate. On one end is an evolution of that childhood hot chocolate, rich, comforting and big on the fudgy notes, on the other end of the spectrum is our homage to the ancient roots of chocolate made by building up layers of spices. 

The dry mix versions are easy to make, you just need a heat source, a pot, a whisk and you’re golden. In our stores we serve as an intense shot or more traditionally in a mug with hot milk or water. Don’t be shy how to enjoy – some folks mix it into coffee for mochas or pour it onto pancakes and desserts, while some go for the direct route and eat it straight up. However you enjoy, don’t forget to inhale. There’s a deeply satisfying chocolate cloud waiting for your nose.

It’s easy to make.

For 2 servings...

Bring 1/2 cup of water to a boil in small saucepan. Add 6 tablespoons of dry mix. Reduce heat to a simmer and whisk until thick and smooth. This is your liquid chocolate.

Serve 1/4 cup of liquid chocolate “as is” in a shot glass for an intense shot.

For a traditional mug, add 3/4 cup of warm milk or hot water to 1/4 cup of liquid chocolate.


Is your mouth watering? Our drinking chocolate is available in the shops and in the web store.