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  • Stratus Bar

    Stratus Bar

    chocolate bar made with Stratus Vineyards lees

  • Picking Wild Apples in Lindsay

    Picking Wild Apples in Lindsay

    It's apple harvest time for a future project

  • Macadamia Coffee Toffee

    Macadamia Coffee Toffee

    made with coffee beans from our buds at Cut Coffee

Thinking Cap Project

We enjoy playing with chocolate, which is why the thinking cap project was created. The project is just a fancy name reminding ourselves to put aside time for exploration. Through this moniker we try different ways of doing things and experiment with all sorts of cool ingredients. It’s also a good excuse to pick-up some eclectic old machines along the way to fuel our quirky ideas. With each collaboration or project there are new discoveries to be had and more questions to be answered.

Current Projects

We are lucky to have collaborated with some incredible makers and growers. Our latest project is working with Stratus Winery, a small vineyard out of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Check back on our blog as we add more projects we are actively working on.