Stratus Bar


We are lucky to have collaborated with some incredible makers and growers. Our latest project is working with Stratus Winery, a small vineyard out of Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you ever have a chance to go there, please do, their winery is every maker’s dream space. The Stratus folks are an incredibly skilled and passionate crew, we have taken quite a shine to them.

After chatting to our friends at Stratus about an idea we had, J-L Groux (Stratus winemaker extraordinaire), sent us an oak barrel partially filled with the residual yeast cells from the winemaking process known as “lees”. We roasted up a batch of Nacional cacao from Ecuador and added the roasted nibs to the barrel kicking it around once in a while to make sure things were mixed. After 3 months an incredible wine infused cacao emerged. The result is an elegant 70% Soma chocolate bar with a heightened dimension of a Stratus Wine. Good things happen when you put us together in the same room or in this case the same barrel.

grapes at Stratus's beautiful vineyard soon to be harvested.

the barrel JL sent to us to mix the lees and the roasted cacao nibs in.

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