Love comes in all types of endearing shapes and sizes as does this year's Valentine's Day collection. We present to you a mélange of sweet somethings for the people you adore in this world.

Valentine's Day Birch Branch
For the past couple years we made cosmic hearts with an addictive Hazelnut Almond Praline filling studded with tart little raspberries. This particular filling has quite the following so to avoid an uprising, this year we created a limited edition birch branch with this magical substance inside. Note: it's an easier format to eat.

This life size chocolate birch branch is meant for sharing with the person you adore the most on this earth. Eat with branch in hand passing it back and forth, or for a more civilized approach slice it up on a cutting board for after a romantic meal.

Packed in a beautiful lovey dovey gift box ready for your “Happy Valentine’s day!” moment, this should up the love levels at least 3 notches.

Tiffin Box
First inspired by the beautifully choreographed journey of tiffin box lunches that go out to loved ones everyday in Mumbai. We really wanted to do our own chocolate version of the tiffin. ( you can read more about our first idea here)

This year's version is spectacular.



Layer one: Chocolate Tumbled Cherries
Sweet and tart whole cherries tumbled in dark and milk chocolate. Think black forest cake

Layer two: truffles
a collection of our most loved truffles including the Damask Rose truffle and whipped honey butter cloud

whipped Honey Butter Cloud
An ode to 2 ancient foods, honey and butter. The butter is creamy and salty, the wildflower honey is from the Niagara region made by our bee friends at Rosewood Estates Meadery. Before dipping in dark chocolate we take the two and whip them into a airy cumulus cloud-like ganache keeping both ingredients suspended. A beautiful new form for you and your honey. Ps: Honey is full of Vitamin C and antioxidants perfect for winter make out sessions.

Dark Rose truffle
Roses have long been a symbol of love around the world. The Greeks and Romans associated the rose with the goddess of love Aphrodite, and would lay a single wild rose on the door of a room that was not to be disturbed (ahem) The rose oil we use is from the Damask rose (rosa damascene), breathtakingly beautiful with a round delicate scent. Typically it takes almost 1/2 tonne of rose petals to make only 450g of rose absolute. 

The dark ganache is made from a 70% chocolate made with Ecuadorian cacao beans, the nutty bready notes pairing beautifully with the deep warm florals of the rose.

Layer three: Milk Old school Heart
Say what?! That’s right we made a MILK old school from the conveted Chuao cacao, from Venezuela and it’s like crack. Chocolate as it was back in the day: Simple and pure. Only three ingredients ground together in our vintage melangeur no further processing, refining or conching. Partially ground Chuao cacao nibs, milk and whole crystals of organic cane sugar provide an entirely unique crumbly almost cookie-like texture.

Layer four: 5 Berry POP 

Warning, this fresh berry chocolate bark might make you dream of a summer day with your love, or eating astronaut ice cream on the moon together. Freeze-dried and pulverized berries reincarnated as a thin creamy chocolate bark with pop rocks for a bubbly effect.

To the lucky ones that were able to snag last years small number of tiffins, feel free to come on in for a refill of this year's version. The idea of the tiffin is to keep refilling it with lovely things and passing it back in forth. How is that for romance?

And of course what would Valentine's Day be without a beautiful box of truffles? You can choose your own collection based on your hunny's favourites or we have 2 curated collections of "Amour Fou" (Crazy Love Boxes ) ready for you to dash in and out so you can get on with your evening. Both boxes include the limited edition dark Rose truffle and the whipped Honey Butter cloud.

We are getting our e-commerce together sorry I know, it will happen this year. In the meantime contact us if you would like to pre-order or have us ship to you or someone you adore ( we can also include a handwritten love message )

Happy Valentine's day to you all!!




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