• Birch Branch

    Birch Branch

    filled with hazelnut butter crunch and blackcurrant jelly

  • Milk and Cookies bark

    Milk and Cookies bark

    Imagine your 7 yr. old self’s perfect version of milk and cookies. Soft buttery cookies with half melted chocolate, dipped into a fresh cold glass of milk. The memory lives on with milk chocolate bark studded with roasted cacao nibs from the Vigia region in Venezuela and a topping of chocolate shortbread & malted milk (think chocolate Ovaltine).

  • The Dude ( White Russian twig)

    The Dude ( White Russian twig)

    There is a reason this drink has stood the test of time, vodka, cream and coffee melt together in such a beautiful way. Chocolate pairs naturally with all 3 so it only makes sense to have them all in one boozy and delicious bite.

Tree Parts, Spreads, etc.

It’s no secret that we have a strong admiration for trees. Tree metaphors and their physical attributes are a big part of our world. All our raw ingredients come from trees, the most significant to us being Theobroma Cacao, the mighty tree that produces cacao beans.

We make different versions of barks, branches, twigs, and sprouts. Our current tree obsession is how to extract the essence of cedar and oak to infuse chocolate with. Our Douglas Fir truffle is well loved by tree aficionados everywhere.

My Dad recently found a beautiful birch branch in a forest up in Lindsay, Ontario that we made into a mould. The branch is made from dark chocolate, filled with our hazelnut chocolate butter crunch with a lip-smacking ribbon of sour cherry jelly piped through the middle. A spirited rendition of the HBJ (Hazelnut Butter & Jelly) sandwich. Note: flavours will change with the seasons

As kids we grew up on a steady diet of Nutella so it made sense to create our own version. To start, freshly roasted hazelnuts are crushed and churned into hazelnut butter in-house. We add cacao nibs to give the spread a crunchy texture and a roasted finish.


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