Our journey first started in 2003 when the first bag of cacao beans arrived at SOMA. Fast forward 10 years and we are still totally psyched about making chocolate. It’s called getting bit by the cacao bug and we got it good.

Not all cacao beans are created equal so the first step is to search out the special ones. Presently beans are sourced from plantations and farms in Central America, the Caribbean, Madagascar and the South Pacific.

The beans are hand sorted, roasted, refined and conched in our small factory using a combination of people power, shiny new machines and some beautiful vintage machines that have been lovingly restored. Nothing beats the smells of chocolate in all its different stages and the soothing beats of the machines when everything is up and running.

Every cacao bean has a unique personality (beans from different regions and growing seasons vary). At each step in the process, our goal is to coax out all the beautiful and interesting notes each type of cacao has to offer. This involves a whole lot of tasting which keeps us pleasantly wired and focused.

The collection is always changing depending on what beans we are working with.


Shop available products online, or send us a message of what you would like to order and we will set you up.

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