Cacao Bean Lab

An old factory in Toronto’s West end is home to our roasting laboratory, but we do more than roast here. It is where we receive and analyze cacao bean samples, clean and prepare our cacao beans, do test roasts, make chocolate, grind cocoa liquor, make hot chocolate, make bars and carry on a variety of chocolate experiments.

The space is home to a precious collection of modern and vintage chocolate making machines restored back to life. Tinkering is an everyday affair.

Makers, chefs and chocolate aficionados come here to geek out on the science of chocolate making. Cacao beans are made up of hundreds of different compounds so there’s a lot of science to delve into. In 10 years of handling these little guys we have built up a solid understanding of these magical beans. Focused chocolate tastings and open houses are in the works so if you are interested stay tuned. The building is located in a fairly hidden area but not to worry the aroma will guide you in.