Majoun-Pistachio butter

Collections: Tree Parts + spreads + dipped

An addictive spread to eat however you please.

Pistachios when picked young and sun-dried, are delicate and an incredible electric green colour. A light and carefully calibrated roast bring out a perfectly balanced, buttery & nutty character. This majoun will beckon you from inside the cupboard. Yes it's that good.

Majoun comes from an ancient Berber recipe for a jam that was used for day dreaming. Back in the 60s the artists writers and composers of the Beat generation living in Morocco would consume Majoun to be transported into a different dimension.

"I felt that I had come upon a fantastic secret: to change worlds I had only to spread a bit of jam on a biscuit and eat it.”- Paul Bowles


May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.