Easter Eggs 2017


Come back to us Spring, oh how you have been missed!
It's been a long winter so making Easter eggs is a perfect activity for conjuring up a fresh new season of sprouting flowers and warmer breezes.

This year we are making 2 types of eggs, the beautiful Lacy, and it's punchy little sister Mango! All made by hand in limited quantities, pre ordering is recommended.

Lacy Eggs
These beauties are hand-piped chocolate on one side the opposite negative pattern on the other.

beautiful Lacy eggs in waiting, these eggs are the work of our talented truffle team ( go team egg)

the other half is the negative pattern of the lacy egg, subtle but just as beautiful. 

Hidden surprise
No egg is complete without a surprise inside. This year's experiments brought together blood oranges and carrots. All flavours we love to play with 
earthy, citrus, sweet, & creamy put together in one cute little bite- surprisingly very addictive.

A forest of Carrot, Blood Orange cones.

A single carrot is hidden inside the lacy eggs and carefully sealed into a whole egg.

Mango pods
This creation comes from an intense obsession with mangos, so this Easter our second type of egg is not an egg at all but a mango cacao pod. The pod is made from a ridiculous amount of mangos to make you feel like you are in the markets of South East Asia happily slurping away on a just-ripe mango- exotic, sweet and floral.

Look at this beautiful colour. 

But how will the eggs stand up?
As nature has it the geometry of an egg is also functional- their shape is strong in compression (squashing) which makes sense so a big mama bird can put her full weight on the eggs during hatching, and weaker in tension (stretching) making it easy for a little chick to break out into the brave new world (that's a Soma reference for all the literary peeps out there)

The shape however does pose the question how to make the egg stand upright on it's own? The solution came to us one night making pasta at home. We recently bought a torchio da bigoli, a hand cranked pasta press to make bigoli a type of thick spaghetti from Venice. So why not instead of pasta dough put chocolate through it? Here are the results...

Chocolate shaped nests.

The gianduja ( hazelnut milk chocolate) hand cranked through the press.

Getting in touch with your inner Nona

The eggs and pods are carefully set onto their gianduja (hazelnut chocolate) nests.

Determined to find a no waste, reusable packaging solution, the lacy eggs and mango pods will live in gorgeous Weck tulip jars this year. In addition to being the cream of the crop for hardcore preserving (glass lid, rubber gasket and SS clips included) there is a whole subculture of Weck aficionados out there that reuse these jars in the coolest ways. 

Love how the eggs look like dinosaur eggs and the pods look like they are from a natural history museum in the jars.

To finish off I painted hundreds of eggs for the tags.

Sharky has an eggcellent (sorry) sense of design so I let him choose the final 3.

The final result...

eggs and pods await their new owners. 

Available in our 2 shops or on our webstore. Sorry these darling are not equipped for shipping. (pick-up and local courier only)

We hope you enjoy!

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