Butter & Chocolate pairings


mmmm who loves Butter? Butter is a staple across the globe in it's many different forms and tastes. In the past we have paired chocolate with rum, whisky, wine, cheese and beer so how much fun would it be to do a series of butter and chocolate pairings? Rhetorical question.

Our love of butter is strong so it was hard to narrow them down to just 3 to start. So many butters to try so little time. Some of the more exotic ones we tasted were Smen, a really funky fermented butter from Morocco (beautifully sour), yak milk butter, we even connected with a water buffalo farm right here in Ontario that were making plans to make butter in the future.  This could be a whole new truffle line for us.

In truffle form the two have the perfect format and mouth feel to intermingle with each other fully to create new flavour profiles. The 3 we settled on are all made from cow's milk. Two from Canada one from France. Please let these truffle come to room temperature to get the full flavour experience.

Pairing One
Butter: Société Orignal "Beurre de Guy" (Canada)
Chocolate: Camino Verde 70% (Ecuador) 

Made by the ultra talented folks at Societa Orignal in Montreal, this butter is a clarified butter where they remove all the solid elements (proteins and whey proteins). What is left is 99.5% pure milk fat. Beautifully round with the right amount of twang and a distinct nutty aroma

We paired this with our dark Camino Verde 70% chocolate (cacao beans from Ecuador). Camino Verde has distinct “just baked bread” notes, with a nutty, floral backbone making it a great companion to the funky twang of the Beurre de Guy. A new way to enjoy the simple and beautiful combination of warm bread and butter.

Pairing Two
Butter: Stirling Whey Butter (Canada)
Chocolate: St Thomas Parish 70% (Jamaica) 

Stirling Creamery in Ontario was established 85 years ago from a long line of cheese makers following a tradition of barrel churning using sweet local cream. Stirling whey butter (a staple in our fridge at home) is made with whey protein from the cheese making process. It has a wonderful deep yellow colour, creamy with a grassy, cheesy personality.

We paired this with our St Thomas Parish 70% chocolate. Last year we connected with a wonderful Plantation in St. Thomas Parish in the South East growing region of Jamaica. The farm grows an exceptional crop of Trinitario beans that are carefully fermented and systematically dried. Notes of ripe raspberries and wildflower honey bring out the umami of the whey butter.

Pairing Three
Butter: Beurre d'Isgny (France)
Chocolate: Porcelana chocolate (Venezuela) 70% 

This butter comes to us from cheese master Afrim Pristine owner of Cheese Boutique- a cultured butter produced in Isigny-sur-Mer, a small seaside village in Normandy. This area is famous for it’s exceptional dairy. Beurre D’Isigny made from the milk of Guernsey cows that graze on the same property and salted with crystals of Fleur de Sel de Guérande from Brittany.

We paired this with our Porcelana 70%, the chocolate that won us the distinction of “ best dark chocolate in the world” at the International Chocolate Awards. The Porcelana is grown in the area South of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, delicate in nature with notes of cashews, raspberries and fresh cream. The two melt together in the most beautiful way

We hope you enjoy!

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