Xmas Baking 2015


At Xmas our bakery sends out the most amazing smells into the rest of the space. The sounds of mixing, slapping dough around, shaping cookies and panettone combined with the aromatics of baking starts us all off nicely for the season. We hope you enjoy.

Oddfellows cookie bowl
Five different cookies in a pretty Japanese paper bowl ready for gifting or immediate consumption. Grab a buddy and some steamy hot drinks and spend the afternoon munching and catching up.

Our Oddfellow cookie members this year:
Cherry Amaretti
A crisp baked shell yields to a soft almond cookie on the inside. For X’mas we hide a single boozy cherry in the middle of each cookie and hand dip them in dark chocolate.

Fruit Newton
Buttery pasta frolla rolled around a rhum steeped fruit center.

Almond butter & Redcurrant jam sandwiches 
This soft jammy cookie will hit the spot. The nutty sweetness of almond and
hazelnut praline and a tangy redcurrant jelly both piped onto buttery shortbread halves and smooshed together.

Halva Bites
Sesame seeds are amazing little seeds that are oily, meaty, and unique in flavour. When roasted and baked a perfect little bite of nutty sweetness emerges. This soft sesame cookie has a heart of halva- a type of sesame nougat cherished in the Middle East, Asia and beyond...

Cacao Buckwheat Snaps
Roasted buckwheat has a nutty flavour similar to darkly toasted bread or a hoppy beer. We use buckwheat to make snappy cookies with a nutty Autumnal character. Freshly roasted Venezuelan "Vigia" cocoa nibs add a deep crunchy cacao flavour. Perfect for dipping and extended nibbling.

Gingerbread Forest Animals
Handmade with the zing of fresh ginger these wild little cuties are hand dipped with dark chocolate. Available in rabbits, foxes, and squirrels. Don’t be surprised if the odd cat gets into the mix, SOMA is known for being cat-crazy. There have been spirited discussions if cats could possibly be forest animals. I took these samples home to let Sharky our new kitten decide.

To me this sweet bread symbolizes the holiday and family- waking up on a sleepy morning and sharing a Panettone with your peeps. When SOMA started we made these from the very beginning with a recipe that was passed on from David's Nona, to his Mom and Zias. ( All incredible bakers in their own right ) You can read David's Panettone post here. Panettone have a long proof time, made slow and steady which meant going to the bakery in the middle of the night to work our dough.

Friends, family and regulars were the lucky recipients of our first loaves. Fast forward to the present little has changed, we still only make a very small batch reserved for customers that really love handmade Panettone. Want a fresh one? Call or contact us to reserve. Available for pick-up any day you wish before Xmas.

Our Panettone is flavoured with an aromatic homemade essence of citrus and studded with rum soaked cranberries, raisins, & cherries with a crunchy almond topping. The Chocolate version is made with our Ecuador "Camino Verde" dark chocolate and Gianduja ( hazelnut milk chocolate)

Handmade from scratch without preservatives. Eat within a week, store like you would a loaf of bread, wrapped. Delicious as is, with butter or made into French toast. Share with the people you love.

Chocolate Salami
It looks like salami but we’ve kept the pigs out of it. Chocolate, hazelnuts, almonds, cacao nibs, sundried cherries, and rum….boozy and spicy, perfect for sharing at parties. Slice it up on a cutting board and watch for the smiles.

Upside down Pineapple Toffee
Although technically not baking, the pineapples add to the cloud of aromatics when they are sliced and oven roasted in the bakery. They then journey into the chocolate kitchen where buttery coconut lemongrass toffee is poured over them and set. The last step is to slather with milk chocolate.

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