Panettone! -some say a beautiful tradition hijacked by European industrial baking consortiums. Many think it falls into the unwanted gift category.... We believe that it is the most special of celebratory breads. The pinnacle of an Italian bakers art.  At the Salone del Gusto a few years ago, some ambitious bakers made one that was the size of a refrigerator.... and they were mobbed, all crazed hands reaching in for a piece...

My family came from Veneto and my mother  produced a humbler version of panettone called  "Fugassa" The name is recognizable as the Venetian version of the Italian word focaccia or the French fugasse.

In my life as a pastry chef in various restaurants around Toronto, Christmas usually meant there was an irresistible force compelling me to make panettone. The first few batches were created at Centro with Franco Prevedello  as supreme quality judge....Occasionally the  dessert mise en place of the day  inspired some amazing versions : stuffed with lemon curd, rhubarb jam  or ganache...

The Panettone we currently make is  flavoured with an aromatic homemade essence of citrus and studded with rum soaked cranberries, raisins, & cherries. with caramelized almond top. We make a Chocolate version of course, using our Chef's Blend dark 70% chocolate and Gianduja ( hazelnut milk chocolate)

We only make a limited number a year so give us a call and we will have one ready for you any day before X'mas. We will also have a few ready to go in our stores but these get scooped up quickly so it's best to reserve.

King Street store 416.599.7662

Distillery Store 416.815.7662

Stay warm chocolate peeps!!

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