Xmas truffles and a Merry Xmas to all.


Whew what a we wrap up our last day of truffle making before Xmas I leave you with our collection of truffles that were introduced this season.

We hope you enjoy your holidays with the peeps that you love, playing, having laughing fits, eating mounds of delicious food, and taking delicious naps. T'was a joy to meet everyone this year, we thank-you all for the continued support :)

Big BIG ups to all the SOMA staff who worked crazy hours, planning, making, serving, and packing. You are the superstars of this season.

What would Xmas be without a festive member of the collection? Enter our mulled wine truffle. Red wine is mulled with warming
spices and blended into Madagascar chocolate ganache. All the ruby shades of X’mas shine in this little flavour bomb.

Iced Thai tea is typically a blend of star anise, tamarind seed, cardamom, vanilla, brewed with black tea and condensed milk. Our secret tea blend comes from our friends at Sabai Sabai, an incredibly delicious Thai restaurant in Toronto. We suspend all those beautiful notes in a white chocolate ganache and enrobe in milk chocolate. This little guy will transport you to the bustling street markets of Thailand.

Contrast is what makes life intriguing. In the context of food there’s no better example than Vietnamese Coffee—strong, black as night coffee paired with a thick sweet layer of condensed milk. We make our dark layer without sugar, combining our 100% “Arcana” chocolate (made with Nicaragua, Ecuador, Papua New Guinea and Jamaica cacao beans) with fresh ground coffee layered on top of a milky sweet ganache. The mixing part happens in your mouth.

Ever come across a condiment that you just want to use with everything? Hello Chamoy. Our love affair with Siracha is seriously put to the test by this small but mighty spread/marinade/dip/secret sauce, whatever you want to call it, it sings in so many ways. I first came across this condiment in a drink with passion fruit on ice. Chamoy was poured over the drink and drunk out a straw made of Tamarind (!!!). Further research led me to it's Mexican origins and I knew we had to make a version of this. We make ours with apricots, lime, and Ancho chili and balance it with a dark chocolate. Its clear notes of hot, sour, salty, & sweet all work together in one all encompassing bite.

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