Xmas 2015- Tree parts


If there was a muse at SOMA it would definitely be a tree. Before we start doing anything to our raw ingredients we often think how each singular ingredients came to be- terroir, the history of the people who grew them and sense of place each ingredient holds ....Xmas!!!! ... thought bubble POPPED... ok... time to roast, grind, chop, shape, mould and turn these ingredients into something delightful.

The tree parts this year are whimsical, some flavours inspired from blasts from the past and warm fuzzy childhood moments, slurping, crunching and eating your favourite foods- reinvented (in most cases chocolate added) to create new memories for your tastebuds.


Cacao Crunch twig
Roasting is such a beautiful thing- the heat, the fully developed flavours, the browning, the crust, the aroma. A smooth alchemy of roasted Peru Nacional cacao nibs, roasted pumpkin seeds, and roasted hemp seeds made into a buttery crunchy twig with almond praline and milk chocolate.

Miso Caramel twig 
Miso is an essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Its soothing umami makes Miso a perfect companion to sweet buttery caramel and dark chocolate. The combination of these 3 beloved ingredients from East to West is an instant classic, a perfect union of salty, sweet, and savoury.

The Dude- White Russian twig
There is a reason this drink has stood the test of time, vodka, cream and coffee melt together in such a beautiful way. Chocolate pairs naturally with all 3 so it only makes sense to have them all in one boozy and delicious bite. When testing this new creation on our unsuspecting friends and family the dude satisfies the hardcore White Russian fans and newbies alike. This one is for you Giuliano.


Cookies and Milk 

Imagine your 7 yr. old self’s perfect version of milk and cookies. Soft buttery cookies with half melted chocolate, dipped into a fresh cold glass of milk. The memory lives on with milk chocolate bark studded with roasted cacao nibs from the Vigia region in Venezuela and a topping of chocolate shortbread & malted milk (think chocolate Ovaltine). You could leave this out for Santa but I bet you won’t.

5 Berry POP 
Warning, this fresh berry chocolate bark might make you dream of a summer day with your love, or eating astronaut ice cream on the moon together. Freeze-dried and pulverized berries reincarnated as a thin chocolate bark with poprocks for a bubbly effect.

Twilight Forest
When this bark first appeared a couple years ago it was a limited edition. After numerous requests from regulars and staff alike we brought it back, just as delicious as the first time it was released. Pumpkin seeds roasted with wildflower honey, from our friends at Rosewood Estates Meadery on a slab of dark chocolate and a twinkle of Vancouver Island Sea salt.

This special Xmas edition of our branch is our take on the HBJ (Hazelnut Butter & Jelly) sandwich with chocolate as our special guest. Chocolate hazelnut butter with a smile-inducing crunch (inspired by the texture of perfect toast) and a lip-smacking ribbon of blackcurrant jelly in the middle. The mould was carved from a birch branch found in the forests of Lindsay Ontario. Beaver-inspired and perfect for sharing.


Marcona Almonds & Smoke Monster
Smoke Monster is a 70% chocolate we make from cacao beans from Espiritu Santo, the largest of the Vanuatu Islands. The pronounced acidity and smokiness point to the use of wood-fired dryers to remove moisture resulting in a chocolate that is light and fruity with hammy notes (as in smoked ham) Marcona Almonds are considered the “Queen of Almonds” rounder in shape, sweeter, delicate in taste, with a buttery bite. We tumble Marconas in Smoke Monster chocolate- the love affair between Queen and Monster is one for the ages.

and last but not least our Jawbreaker. When we decided to make these Pei our master tumbler and I pinky swore that we would only make one batch because they are such an incredible amount of work. Totally worth it to see the beautiful flavour profile emerge from each additional layer of chocolate. 

The Ultimate Jawbreaker
We started a chocolate experiment called SOMA 12 years ago. To commemorate we made the ultimate jaw breaker, 12 layers symbolic of a tree’s growth rings, every year representing all the crazy fun we had creating, learning and adding new stratospheres to this crazy chocolate planet we live on. One batch only, very limited edition.

A cross section of our Jawbreaker in progress at layer 9.  

Final layers:
Roasted Macadamia Nut
Madagascar dark 70
Malt powder
Ecuador, Camino Verde dark 70
Burnt white
Costa Rica milk
Vanuatu Smoke Monster dark 70
Venezuela, Chuao milk
Madagascar/Ecuador Little Big Man 70
Butter toffee powder

We will have the jawbreakers ready for you by Dec1. All the barks, twigs, Marcona/Smoke monster. and Birch branch are available now. See our Xmas collection here.




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