Rusty old gear


Way back in 2008, we were looking for a bigger roaster as we had outgrown our 12kg Diedrich. We heard through the grapevine that a legendary "Scirocco 100 " roaster was available for purchase (Batch size 60kg). The decision was made quickly even though we had no place to put it!  The signature  candy apple red globe built in the '50's was delivered early the next year at our newly leased roasting location and I spent many long hours inspecting, scrubbing, derusting, grinding and basically doing everything i could do myself to get it up and running.

It was during this time, when examining 60 year old German documents that we realized what we had purchased was actually a Scirocco 400 - capacity 240KG /HR !! Much larger than what the average bean to bar chocolate maker needs. But as the installation was rather permanent ( we had since built windows around it ) we continued the refurbishing, rewired the motors, tuned the combustion/ controls and installed a cyclone to collect dust. Today the original burner works with a nice new control panel. We use it for bigger batches and have finally, finally come to terms with it size . 


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