Sicilian Pistachio Gelato

Sicilian Pistachio Gelato


We make gelato from these pistachios with the sole purpose of preserving the roasted, buttery nutty flavours. Nothing extra to distract from how beautiful and delicate Sicilian Pistachios are.

Sicilian Pistachios are grown in the scorching hot nutrient-rich volcanic soil around Mount Etna on the East coast of the island. Mostly from family-owned farms the trees have been growing there for centuries (they live up to 300 years old!) and are happiest left to go wild and twisty without irrigation. The region is on a site protected a for the sole purpose of growing these very special pistachios.


Gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream. Could contain traces of any of these ingredients.