Mint Bar- 51% Milk Chocolate

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Mint is the cool cat of the herb family. In ancient Greece mint was a symbol of hospitality, the leaves were rubbed on tables to welcome guests into their homes.

This bar is a dark-milk chocolate, a beautiful blend of cacao from our favourite farms and growing regions. The chocolate is buttery and luscious, a perfect base for spearmint to dance around on. Let a piece melt in your mouth and enjoy the feeling of waking up from a deep delicious nap filled with fresh new ideas.

Cacao content: 51% dark-milk

Origin: blend, dream machine
PISA, Haiti 
Ucayali River, Peru
Rizek Farm, Dominican Republic
Akesson's Farm,  Madagascar
Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador

Contains milk and cane alcohol (mint extract)
May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.