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Zaletti named for its golden colour is a Corn cookie from Venice made during Carnivale to celebrate the festivities.

This is one of those cookies...precious, encoded into the families of that region, each recipe slightly different with each Nona (where most great Italian recipes come from) Polenta is the beloved staple of Northern Italy where David is from and the reason why this is a must have in our cookie collection.

His version is corny lol like hot polenta or cornbread spiked with currents. When these come warm out of the oven in the bakery, our little team go crazy for them. Not sweet with a lovely coarse texture that goes down mighty fine with an icy cold glass of dessert wine. (VIn Santo is nice)

100g bag


*All our cookies may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy


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