Dark Lover's Lunch Box

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Perfect for that friend that refuses milk chocolate. Six different bars that tell a story from the dark side of chocolate. From rare to whimsical but all so deliciously dark. Packed in a cute little gift box.

  • Dark Starry Night Bar
  • Dark Fire, with spices and chili
  • Crazy 88, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, 88%
  • Creole Gardens Dark, Haiti, 70%
  • Mr. Salazar, Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 70%
  • Bejofo, Madagascar, 70%
*All our chocolates may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy


sadly it's too late for Valentine's Day shipping. but... if you are aok with it arriving after then go for it because love happens everyday!!