Party Tree limited edition Print

Party Tree limited edition Print

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A small limited edition run of Party Tree prints.
Printed stochastic on a Heidelberg printing press.
-100lb archival quality cover stock. 

This year's party happens high up in the treetops in a Party Tree! Friends travel from near and far to bask in each other's glow under a sky of stars and planetary wonders. There is feasting, music, laughter and a supersonic force that forms when good friends gather. 

See a creature that reminds you of yourself or someone you adore? The animals were drawn as a love song to the wild and wonderful people in our orbits—a celebration of how we are all so beautifully different but the same.

A sweet way to brighten up your home or it makes a cute gift.

33.4 mm X 35.1 mm (13.15" X 13.82")
Paper sourced under the Forest Stewardship council (FSC) from sustainably managed forests. Inks made from flax seed oil.