Wild Apple Caramel twig

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Picked in a hidden orchard on my parent's farm in Lindsay an hour away. Fun fact: Apples are not “true to seed” meaning the tree grown from a parent tree will almost certainly be a totally different species.

The apple trees here are wild, self seeded into a family of over 50 different species standing majestically together. Isn’t nature amazing? It’s crazy beautiful how different every apple is: octaves of sweet and tart, sizes ranging from giant orbs to grape sized cuties in jaw dropping shades of red, pink, yellow and green flecked with sun—apple heaven. 

We picked 19 different species of apples this year but there were fewer apples on the trees due to a crushing out-of-the-ordinary hail storm damaging the farms and forests in the area. Crabapples picked from outside the hailstorm area were added to the pressing giving this year's cider a bit more tang and a gorgeous ruby red hue. 

When the apples are pressed together the juice is out of this world. The liquid gold is used to make a buttery apple caramel, topped with roasted walnuts, enrobed in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt, yum.

Goes to show when different apples get together good things happen... just like people. :)

Limited Edition

Ingredients include butter and walnuts.
*All our chocolates may contain traces of nuts, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, flour, and soy