Enzo mug

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Enjoy your morning coffee and hot chocolate under the stars with Enzo.

Our one and only brand ambassador is.... a chipmunk. Enzo is a sweetie that lives at the treehouse; In the Summer he comes up from his underground home in the forest for belly rubs and peanuts and fancy nuts like Puglia almonds and Piedmont hazelnuts from the chocolate factory. 

About the mug
We went on an intensive search for the perfect mug for our cafes. After many months and trying out a dizzying number of samples...this is the one.

The mug has a lovely weightiness and a relaxed yet elegant curvy shape you can hug with your hands. It's restaurant grade so it's durable and dishwasher safe and most importantly has a handle that feels nice for all sizes of fingers and hands.

capacity to rim: 12oz (355ml)
practical capacity: 10oz (296ml)
material: high quality clay fired at 2500°F