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  • St Thomas- Custom chocolate bar

    St Thomas- Custom chocolate bar

    For the opening of their new building

  • The Macallan- whisky pairings

    The Macallan- whisky pairings

    For the Canadian launch of their 1824 collection of sherry cask whiskeys

Custom Chocolate

❖ Apologies! Due to high levels of holiday production, custom chocolate orders are not available for Oct-Feb.

Chocolate has shape-shifting abilities that can cross over into many different worlds. We are naturally problem solvers so send us a brief of your idea and let us see what we can come up with. Please note: Sorry, we do not pipe or engrave names on chocolate or make life size replicas of people.

Custom molding

To have chocolate designed with your logo or artwork, we work with a mould maker who does a great job at putting a company (or person’s) mark into chocolate. Custom bars have been made for product launches, giveaways, building openings and other scenarios where people gather. Also keep in mind, our chocolate can travel, we presently make a custom bar for a company that takes them on their expeditions to the Polar caps in the North and South Poles. This process usually takes upwards of 6 weeks to finalize so bear that in mind!

Select projects

We present to you a few different projects we have worked on, see if something similar might work or ignite a spark.

  • Chocolate pairings for The Macallan
    The Speyside Distillery of The Macallan developed a collection called 1824 consisting of four beautiful ex-sherry cask matured whiskies. Our lucky job was to pair one of our chocolates to each of the four whiskies for their Canadian launch.
  • Pai and Sabai Sabai
    We can’t say enough nice things about our friends at Pai and Sabai Sabai. We have been eating their insanely delicious food since they started their first restaurant Sukhothai. We released a truffle called the Sabai Sabai made with their home brew Thai Tea and will be a part of Chef Nuit's new dessert menu at Pai. Love this talented crew.
  • Custom truffle for Samuel Adams
    Using their limited edition Utopia beer (more like a fine brandy) we developed a truffle bar for them to use in their product launch. Each bottle of Utopia costs $200, and for good reason, it is an ever so delicious substance.
  • Chocolate tasting at the Gardiner Museum
    We are huge fans of the Gardiner and big history geeks so when asked to lead a chocolate tasting in their beautiful museum it was a resounding yes. Through the Gardiners rich collection of pottery the story of the Maya and the importance of chocolate within their culture is told. Cool stuff.