Our Truffle Collection

  • Strawberry Rhubarb

    Strawberry Rhubarb

    There is a reason Ontario strawberries and rhubarb are in season at the same time. Tart Rhubarb jelly floats above a darling Strawberries and Cream ganache.

  • Pomegranate Walnut

    Pomegranate Walnut

    A buttery tangy chocolate, a pomegranate truffle layer floats above crunchy walnut pralines. Topped with a whole roasted walnut.

  • Yuzu Toki Whisky

    Yuzu Toki Whisky

    A vibrant Yuzu jam is suspended above a luscious chocolate ganache spiked with Suntory Toki Whisky.

  • Honey Butter Cloud

    Honey Butter Cloud

    a fluffy whipped ganache with Stirling Creamery butter, Rosewood Estates honey and a twinkle of Newfoundland Salt Company crystals.

  • Brown Butter

    Brown Butter

    Fresh butter and vanilla is slow-cooked to a nutty brown colour and blended with dark chocolate.

  • Feuilletine Caramel

    Feuilletine Caramel

    Slow cooked, buttery, vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate and tumbled in crispy feuilletine flakes.

  • Ginger Lemon

    Ginger Lemon

    Australian ginger and Meyer lemons. The sour and spiciness of the lemon and ginger balance the richness of dark Madagascar chocolate.

  • Caramel Kiss

    Caramel Kiss

    Caramel and milk chocolate ganache, sweet and creamy.

  • Sparky


    Gianduja (hazelnut milk chocolate) with a layer of pop rocks, the candy that explodes in your mouth…

  • Balsamic Vinegar

    Balsamic Vinegar

    The sweet & sour of aged balsamic vinegar is infused into a dark ganache made with Madagascar cacao.

  • Gianduja


    Milk chocolate mixed with large "tonda e gentile" hazelnuts from Piedmonte, Italy. Piped. International Chocolate Awards World Bronze

  • Maya Dome

    Maya Dome

    The truffle version of our spicy hot chocolate infused with chili, ginger, orange peel, allspice and cinnamon.

  • Whisky


    A boozy whisky truffle dusted with dark cocoa powder. Inspired by our building’s first incarnation as a tank house for a whisky distillery.

  • Jasmine


    Jasmine can sometimes have a polarizing aroma but when brewed in a bath of cream it mellows out nicely providing a launch pad into a series of exotic tangents.

  • Butter caramel with Sea Salt

    Butter caramel with Sea Salt

    A slow cooked, buttery, vanilla caramel enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with a pinch of Maldon Salt.

  • Arbequina Olive Oil

    Arbequina Olive Oil

    Chocolate blended with a Spanish olive oil made from fruity “Arbequina” olives.

  • Pistachio Crisp

    Pistachio Crisp

    A crisp light praline with a nutty personality.

  • Roasted Cacao Bean

    Roasted Cacao Bean

    A single whole roasted cocoa bean encased in a dark chocolate.

  • Bergamot


    Dark chocolate infused with the oil from the fragrant Bergamot orange. For reference Bergamot is the fresh, sweet flavour in Earl Grey tea.

  • Thai stick

    Thai stick

    White chocolate, coconut milk, ginger and the zip of lemongrass, chili and lime. Aromatic and assertive with a warming effect much like slurping back a big steamy bowl of Thai Coconut soup. International Chocolate Awards World Silver

  • Pecan Butter Crunch

    Pecan Butter Crunch

    Crisp toffee with two gently toasted pecan halves enrobed in milk chocolate.

  • Vietnamese Coffee

    Vietnamese Coffee

    Black as night coffee infused dark chocolate layer made with our “arcana” chocolate on top of a milky sweet layer of white chocolate ganache. A play on contrasts.

  • Douglas Fir

    Douglas Fir

    A fruity chocolate from the Dominican Republic infused with the natural oils of the Douglas Fir tree. Think of eating chocolate in the middle of a Canadian Pine forest.

  • Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb

    A layer of wild cherry jelly and a layer of milk chocolate ganache with a cherry on top is enrobed with dark chocolate.

  • Blood Orange Marzipan

    Blood Orange Marzipan

    A classic marzipan mixed with bits of candied Blood Orange peel.

  • Magnolia Peach

    Magnolia Peach

    Peach & Magnolia flower infused in a Ecuador chocolate ganache. Beautifully floral and juicy. International Chocolate Awards World Silver

  • Almond Cluster Dark

    Almond Cluster Dark

    Layers of praline and Gianduja (hazelnut milk chocolate) topped with slow roasted almonds. Enrobed in dark chocolate.

  • Almond Cluster Milk

    Almond Cluster Milk

    Layers of praline and Gianduja (hazelnut milk chocolate) topped with slow roasted almonds. Enrobed in milk chocolate.

  • Pink Grapefruit Caramel

    Pink Grapefruit Caramel

    Richly tart and fresh with a twinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt

  • Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

    Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador

    Grown on the Emerald coast interspersed with mango, papaya, plantain & bananas trees to feed the people on the farm. —notes: cacao, lemon, bread, cherries, balsamic vinegar, chocolate cake

  • Semuliki, Uganda

    Semuliki, Uganda

    Grown by 500 smallholder farmers in the lush growing region of Bundibugyo in Uganda. Grown at the base of a mountain—notes: currants, figs, chocolate cake, walnuts, vanilla

  • Bejofo, Madagascar

    Bejofo, Madagascar

    Everything about this origin is red, the beans are red, the chocolate we make is red and the taste sings of bright red fruity notes —notes: raspberry, cherry, peanut butter, pomelo

  • Tien Giang

    Tien Giang

    Sourced from small farms along the Mekong Delta, beans are brought to a central fermentary by boat through the vast network of small canals. —notes: cinnamon, persimmon, nutmeg, molasses

  • Porcelana, Venezuela

    Porcelana, Venezuela

    Porcelana is a special cacao grown south of Lake Maracaibo. We waited over 12 yrs to find this rare cacao.—notes: almonds, cream, figs, cashews, strawberries, coconut, honey