Birch Branch

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More than ever, hold the one you love close. My Dad sent this branch to me and we made it into a giant life size chocolate Birch Branch.

This special edition version of our branch is a take on the HBJ (Hazelnut Butter & Jelly) sandwich, with chocolate as our special guest. Chocolate Hazelnut butter with a smile-inducing crunch (inspired by the texture of perfect toast) and a lip-smacking ribbon of sour cherry jelly in the middle.

The original branch my Dad found is from the forest in Lindsay, Ontario. Beaver-inspired and perfect for sharing.

International Chocolate Awards
filling gianduja- world bronze 2016
Jamaican chocolate- world silver 2016

Academy of Chocolate
Gold-Packaging 2017

300g - 12" length

Ingredients include hazelnuts, milk, wheat, butter, malt extract (barley).
May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.