Chocolate Hazelnut spread (Majoun)

Chocolate Hazelnut spread (Majoun)

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* new big size because who's kidding who that small jar just wasn't enough.

This crazy, addictive spread starts with slow roasting hazelnuts, then crushing and churning them in-house into hazelnut butter. It starts off with a little taste of the finger and leads to an empty jar - who needs toast?

Made with Tonde Gentile delle Langhe hazelnuts a very special hazelnut grown only in the Piedmonte region of Italy. We received our first crop after a trip last year to the hazelnut farms in this region. It was a dream to see a forest of these small trees ripe with seed pods.

The chocolate in this spread is made from cacao beans from Jamaica. Our friend Desmond grows and cares for the cacao trees on his family farm Bachelor's Hall.

Originally called majoun..."I felt that I had come upon a fantastic secret: to change worlds I had only to spread a bit of jam on a biscuit and eat it.” - Paul Bowles


Ingredients include milk, hazelnuts.
May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.