Bark - Milk & Cookies (Biscotti & Apricots)

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Imagine your 7-year-old self's perfect version of milk and cookies. Crunchy nutty chocolatey cookies, dipped into a fresh cold glass of milk. The memory lives on with this milk chocolate bark studded with our wildly popular biscotti and sweet vibrant Apricots.

The bark is an expressive play on form, a post modernist dream of deliciousness. The curvy blobs, wiggles and squiggles are when chocolate is happiest allowed to run free form.

Packaged in a lovely box ready to gift.

cacao beans: Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador
milk: Ontario, Canada

Cacao content: 37% (a dark milk chocolate)


Ingredients include milk, butter, flour.
May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.