Mango Chili Bar

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The markets in Thailand are a feast for the senses. The smells of exotic food and ripe fruit intensified by the heat, the vibrant sounds of people, sizzling, crunching ice, fire... One of the joys of our trip there last year was the fruit carts loaded with soft fleshy fruit, sliced Ninja style a la minute and finished off with a sprinkle of prik glua, a mix of chili, salt and sugar. 

This bar is loaded up with a ridiculous amount of mangos, a squeeze of lime, Thai chili, Aleppo pepper and salt to intensify the earthiness of the mango. Take a bite, close your eyes and take a trip to Bangkok with us.

This is the 2nd edition of this bar. More zing and spice in this version from adding sour green mangos (Amchoor) and an extra shake of Thai Chili.

International Chocolate Awards

2019 Americas - Gold
2019 Americas - Gold- Special award for Ground-in chocolate
2018 World - Gold
2018 Americas - Silver
2017 World - Silver
2017 Canada - Silver

Academy of Chocolate
2018 Silver


May contain traces of nuts including tree nuts & peanuts, milk, wheat and soy.