Madagascar Vanilla Gelato

Madagascar Vanilla Gelato

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The holy trinity of a perfect Vanilla gelato is a balance of sweet cream, sugar and vanilla. We spin this one with Madagascar Vanilla beans into a rich custardy gelato. Beautifully simple, a stunning base to add all the ingredients your heart desires, fruit, jams, roasted nuts, toffee and of course chocolate.

Some fun recipes tried and approved by our hardcore taste testers lol  here at SOMA

Toffee Crunch
Scoop of Madagascar Vanilla gelato and toffee sprinkles ( English toffee if you love caramel Lemon for tangy lovers)

Scoop of Madagascar Vanilla gelato, shot of espresso and shot of Hot chocolate. The Maya and the Dark side is what we serve in the shops but the Malted, A La Taza and the Hazelnut are all stellar.

Scoop of Madagascar Vanilla gelato topped with melted fruit chocolate. (for the mango add extra chili flakes, raspberry add mint leaves for a fancy touch)
Contains eggs and milk/cream. All our gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including treenuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream. All batches could contain traces of any of these ingredients.