Single origin Marshmallows. Chocolate made with beans from Ucayali River in the Amazon

Marshmallows- swirled with dark Chocolate

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Little fluffy clouds. Squeezable huggable, a perfect mate for your hot chocolate.

As chocolate makers how could we not make a choco-mallow? Swirled up with generous amount of beautiful 70% dark chocolate made with beans grown in Bachelor Hall Estates in Jamaica. Once it hits your mug all that chocolate will turn into a melty mess of deliciousness.

Remember the roaring campfires as kids, sparking and popping into the night sky the smell of hot sap in the air. The art of roasting marshmallows is real, roasting it just so without lighting it on fire so that crunchy melty layer can slide off and you can start again.

Relive the moment... we use a bakers torch (please torch responsibly), spear your mallow, torch on all sides ( it smells divine) until it's all ooey and gooey inside and drop one of these tasty make-at-home hot chocolates.

It's the small moments in life eh?

2 fluffy clouds in each bag

Shelf-Life: 3 weeks kept in a cool and dry area

Ingredients include gelatin.
*All our products may contain traces of nuts, including tree nuts and peanuts, dairy, flour (glutens), eggs, and soy.