Old School chocolate drumstick bucket

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Chuao is a mystical village in the northern foothills of Venezuela regarded as one of the great cacao growing regions of the world. Its location surrounded by mountains, dense forest and ocean make it extremely hard to access, the beans precious.

We use Chuao to make a rough textured chocolate called “Old school milk”, only 3 ingredients to shine a light on its beautiful heritage. One of our most award winning chocolate. This version made into...

record scratch.... chicken drumsticks! Lol ( hold the chicken)

The bones are Ossi dei Morti a delicious crunchy cookie made with Piedmonte hazelnuts. The two are delightful together and OMG its just so cute and fun, a mini bucket of chocolate chicken. These
 are the drumsticks that Comet the Raccoon ate.

5 pieces

Ingredients include hazelnuts, flour, dairy, eggs.
*All our cookies may contain traces of nuts, including tree nuts and peanuts, dairy, flour (glutens), eggs, and soy.