Thai Coconut Sorbet

Thai Coconut Sorbet

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Coconut lovers rejoice! This is made with meaty Thai coconuts, rich and creamy and beautifully aromatic. We spin this without any cream and milk whipping it into a velvety sorbet. Be transported to the land of sunsets and swaying palms with just one melty spoonful. 

Available only for curbside pick-up at our factory

ok peeps it's my dream to make this sorbet into the ultimate banana split extravaganza. Come along on this journey with me.
One scoop of coconut sorbet, fry up some bananas with butter and maple syrup until golden, add maya chocolate sauce, peanuts, chili and crunchy salt
ok one more, one more lol
One scoop each of Mango sorbet and coconut sorbet. Add fresh ripe mango slices, chili flakes,  fresh mint leaves squeeze of lime and grated lime peel touch of crunchy salt. 
Gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream. Could contain traces of any of these ingredients.


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