Wild Apple Sorbet *factory exclusive

Wild Apple Sorbet *factory exclusive

Collections: Gelato- Brock chocolate factory

A fresh tangy wild Apple sorbet made from the apples my family picked in the Fall.
The sorbet looks and tastes like a drippy pink wigglypuff hued sunset. Peeps ask is it a gelato because it's so creamy, it's a sorbet!!... whipped up and spun without dairy. Vegan. ps: it pairs beautifully with the Almond Toffee crunch gelato. meep meep

About the apples:
The apples were picked in a small wild orchard on my parent's farm. The cider is pinky gold this year the flavour, tangy intermingled with different caramel notes...it's fantastic and taking all our might not to drink it all. Most of the cider is reserved for our annual limited edition Wild Apple Caramel soon to be released for Xmas except for this little batch of very pink sorbet.

Only available for pickup at our Brock Street factory.

Gelato and sorbet is made in our kitchen that uses nuts (including tree nuts), eggs, fruit and milk/cream.