Gingerbread Ninja cats

Gingerbread Ninja cats

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Ninja cats are stealthy and fly through the air at night spreading their sweet and zingy seasonal cheer. If you find your self giddy with happiness you may just have come into contact with a Ninja cat without knowing.
Handmade with the zing of fresh ginger, these wild little cuties are hand dipped with Dream Machine dark chocolate . It’s no secret SOMA is highly cat-centric so these darlings were meant to be.

Dream Machine Origins:
Akesson's Farm,  Madagascar
Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador
Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador
Zorzal, Dominican Republic

sold as single cats.
Please note: These little darlings are fragile so they are best picked up at our shops. If you want them shipped, please note tails and ears might break in transit. No less delicious though. 
Ingredients include flour, butter, eggs.
*All our cookies may contain traces of nuts, including tree nuts and peanuts, dairy, flour (glutens), eggs, and soy.