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These biscotti have a life of their own.

Before Soma, David and Cyn were going to start a cookie company. David came up with this recipe while he was pastry chef at Canoe restaurant in Toronto. The biscotti were served unassumingly on the side with coffee; diners loved them so much they became obsessed with how to get an ongoing stash. They weren't available until now, for everyone to enjoy.

Extra loaded with slow roasted nuts and chunks of chocolate. They have a soothing buttery snap while holding its shape dipping into a steamy hot coffee or hot chocolate. Perch one on the side of a gelato just to be fancy or eat solo. It really is just the perfect cookie.

Ingredients include flour, almonds, eggs, butter.
*All our cookies may contain traces of nuts, including tree nuts and peanuts, dairy, flour (glutens), eggs, and soy.