Ultimate Box of Plenty 2014



For the serious chocolate addicts in your life we have put together a decadent collection of our most popular items including some products produced in limited batches for Xmas. This box works well as a thank-you for a group of hardworking people, family of chocolate addicts, or as a magical box of awesome for your favourite person.

This box is a hot commodity at Xmas and sells out every year so if you can call or contact us early to reserve.


This season’s collection contains:

Strawberry black pepper bar
May Chang Toffee
Mudslide twig
Gianduja Hot Chocolate
Maya Hot chocolate
Almond Toffee Clusters
Gingerbread animal
Orange Slice
Milk chocolate w Maldon salt
Mint Bar
Toasted Corn tumble in chocolate
Dark mini bar with almonds
Mini Milk Bar with Cherries
Chocolate Shortbread



We had a fancy box made from IPPC certified Pine. (International Plant Protection Convention). The box is totally reusable, you can use it to store spices, art supplies and of course more chocolate. The lid is hot branded with a squirrel that says “secret chocolate stash” so refill it full of your favourites and hide it for the long winter ahead.

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