Oddfellows Cookie Bowl- Springtime edition


With the baby buds pushing through the ground and a couple of sunny days on the horizon, we thought it would be a perfect time for a Springtime cookie bowl. A few weeks of recipe development later, here she is:

FLORENTINE SABLE: Everyone asked for this cookie back so here you go. 2 powerhouse cookies in one, a crisp yet chewy caramelized layer of almonds, and candied fruit baked onto a buttery vanilla sable.

COCONUT SNAP: Totally addicted to these, we ate tons of these little coconut cookies in Vietnam last year. Not too sweet, crunchy and perfect with gelato or an iced coffee

LINZER COOKIE: a super classic. The tiny cookie version of Linzertorte the famous cinnamon, hazelnut and raspberry jam torte from Austria.

OSSI: a lighter version of our regular ossi dei morti (bones of the dead spiked with a bit of chocolate). There are many versions of this cookie in Italy, this one would be closest to the hazelnut abundant Piemontese style.

BURANELLI: A traditional cookie found all over Venice but which originates on the nearby island of Burano. Simple and rich buttery cookie with the characteristic ring shape. Perfect for dipping into a glass of Vin Santo, or a late harvest Riesling.

So grab a buddy and some tasty beverages and chat & munch the day away.

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